Welcome Business Architecture Community! Whether you’re seasoned, novice, or somewhere-in-between; if you’re practicing, leading, aspiring or curious, we encourage you to become a part of our community of practice.  Many leadership and management roles in organizations use business architecture techniques and methods in their daily work — to clarify our “why” for our employees and customers, to identify, understand, and visualize the “what” of our organizations, and to optimize what we have, and where we’re headed.

We invite you to get started by simply coming to one of our meetings or social events!  There are many other ways to get involved too:

Help to plan, present, and run our bi-monthly meetings

  • Select topics and participate in one of our SIGs (Special Interest Groups)
  • Engage in discussion on LinkedIn or on our website
  • Contribute by supporting our digital platform, marketing and communications
  • Join the planning team for our annual Business Architecture Summit
  • Attend our Summit in December!

Thank you for your interest in the Twin Cities Business Architecture Forum.

Events Page

Check out our events page for upcoming events. Also, join us on Meetup and our LinkedIn group page. Join the conversation on linkedin.