TCBAF SIG (Special Interest working Group) Presentation “Exploring the Strategy Toolkit: A Practitioner’s Guide” hosted by Target, September 18, 2018   TCBAF Strategy to Execution SIG vF

“Business Architecture and IT Strategy” hosted by Medtronic – July 18, 2018 TCBAF Medtronic – 17Jul2018 (external)-compressed

“Business Architecture:  Adapting to Changing Environments” hosted by Thrivent Financial, May 15, 2018  Business Architecture Forum (1)   2018-05-15 TCBAF Community Meeting Notes  

“Business Architecture in a Product Centric Organization” hosted by Express Scripts, March 20, 2018

Placeholder Title” hosted by Metropolitan State University, January 23, 2018

The (2nd Annual) Business Architecture Summithosted by Cargill, December 7, 2017

“Strategic Planning 101” hosted by Target, September 19, 2017 TCBAF – Target Meeting 091917fin

“The Intersection Between IT Delivery and Business Architecture” hosted by Medtronic, July 18, 2017 Intersection Between IT Delivery and Business Architecture)

“Placeholder Title” hosted by Thrivent Financial, May

“The Opportunity Canvas” hosted by Express Scripts, April 11, 2017 April 11 Community meeting recap ,  Opportunity Canvas – TCBAF vfinal

“Business Architecture Tools” hosted by Metropolitan State University, January 19, 2016   Target TCBAF Presentation – 2016-01-19 – BA Tool (3)

“The (1st Annual) Business Architecture Summit” hosted by Cargill, December 2, 2016

“The Persona of a Business Architect” hosted by Thrivent Financial, May 19, 2015  TCBAF – The Persona of a Business Architect – 5.19.15

“Business Architecture: Dealing with Organizational Context” hosted by Thrivent Financial – May 20, 2014 (Invitation)

“Business Architecture: The True Life Story of Express Scripts‚ “Biggest Year Ever!” hosted by Express Scripts – March 18, 2014 (Surviving the perfect storm)

“Business Architecture: Undercover role or promising profession?” hosted by Metropolitan State University – January 21, 2014 ( Uncover role or promising profession)

“Business Architecture Value Applied at Cargill” hosted by Cargill – November 19, 2013 (Invitation)

“Putting the “Business” into Business Architecture” hosted by Target – September 17, 2013 (InvitationHandout)

“Business Architecture: Telling and Selling the Value Proposition” hosted by Trissential – July 16, 2013 (PresentationAccelare PresentationInvitation)

“Business Architecture: The Cost of Capabilities” hosted by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans – May 21, 2013 (PresentationInvitation,
IT Cost Transparency DiscussionIT Cost Transparency Update)

“Assessing Capability Gaps” hosted by Metropolitan State University – January 15, 2013 (PresentationInvitation)

“Cargill’s Business Architecture Journey” hosted by Cargill – November 13, 2012 (PresentationInvitation)

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“Information Architecture; Roadmap Sustainability and Governance” hosted by Thrivent – May 15, 2012 (PresentationInvitation)

“Let’s talk tools!” hosted by Express Scripts – March 20, 2012

“Looking Back, Leading Forward” hosted by Metropolitan State University – January 17, 2012 (PresentationSession NotesModel 1Model 2Invitation)

“The Face of Business Architecture to the Organization” hosted by Cargil – November 15, 2011 (Roundtable Report Out)

“Managing Your Business Architecture” hosted by Target – September 20, 2011 (Session Notes)

“Gaining Essential Awareness of Your Organization Through Business Architecture” hosted by Trissential – July 19, 2011 (PresentationInvitation)

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