Business Architecture Summit

Archived Presentations | 2017

Keynote Speakers

Mike Walker: Morning Keynote | Futurist and Enterprise Architecture, Gartner
Now’s the Time to Shift your Business Architecture Function to the Future

Business Architecture is an ever-evolving discipline that has become a vital component of a successful organization’s strategy. This session provides emergent practices from leading business architects. Whether you are a beginner or an expert there is unique insight to be gained from hearing Mike speak. Specifically, we will explore:

  • Why are more Business Architects engaged in innovation practices?
  • How leading Business Architects are using humanistic approaches like Design Thinking to deliver value?
  • What are the methods, models, and tools Business Architects will add to their toolbox in the future?
Keith Narr: Afternoon Keynote | Chief Technology Officer, Cargill and Deb Bauler, Business IT Leader

(Slides not available for publication)

A story about the global food and agriculture giant’s architecture re-invention and how it is energizing their digitization journey.
  • Engineering: Cargill Digital Labs – The culture change revolution.
  • Architecture: Letting go to do more and how we transformed Cargill Business Architecture.
  • Strategy: Examples of strategy coming to life!

Track Descriptions and Breakout Sessions Foundations

Interested in the nuts and bolts of business architecture? This track will highlight foundational techniques you can use to advance your practice.
Getting started with Business Architecture, Nina Munson, Desiree Manning, Nicole Carlson, Securian Financial Group
Business Architecture Value Proposition, Teresa Garcia, Wells Fargo
Capability Discovery and Design, Bao Do, Wells Fargo
Using Business Architecture to Destroy a Complacent Culture, Kathleen Walsh, Department of Defense

Extending and Evolving Business Architecture

Explore how business architecture can be applied to driving the business forward. Collaboration with other business disciplines is mutually-beneficial for the business architect, as it advances our efforts and provides value to our colleagues.
Improving the Customer Experience with Business Architecture, Dan McDermott, Starkey Hearing Technologies
An Update on Business Architecture Solving A Business Problem, David Stevens, Prime Therapeutics
Capability Assessments Point You Forward, Mary Sue Moore, Asurion
Business Architecture-Driven Application Portfolio Management, Christine Barry, Medtronic

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is more than a buzzword; it embodies a shift of our entire businesses to a consumer-centric, always present model. Digital is not about IT – it is about meeting today’s customers in the spaces and channel they prefer. Business architecture is fundamental to a business’s success in making this transformation; attending this track will sharpen your skills and help you succeed.
Virtualizing the Art + Science of Business Architecture, Brad von Bank and Thong Nguyen, Roomera
Better Strategic Decisions for Enterprise Agile Delivery Teams with Business Capabilities, Andy Sio, Strategic Quadrant
Business Architecture Support for Large, Scaled-Agile Programs, Dean Larson, Enterprise Analysis Consulting
Agile & Business Architecture: Capabilities as a Product, Garrett Gleason, Thrivent Financial

Skill Building

We’re doing something new for our Community members! The TCBAF and its partners are excited to provide skill-building through embedded training sessions at the Summit. Each session will be led by instructors from Metropolitan State University or Sparx Services, both accredited business architecture trainers and active in our community.
What Business Capabilities Does My Business Engage In?, Stacey Smith – Contact Instructor for slides
Connecting the Dots: Aligning Capabilities, Mandy SpiessContact Instructor for slides
Value Stream Mapping Fundamentals, Chris Armstrong, Sparx Services – Contact Instructor for slides
Information Mapping Fundamentals, Chris Armstrong, Sparx ServicesContact Instructor for slides