TCBAF Community

Our local, county and state government members represent one important and somewhat distinct segment of our TCBAF Community.

Recently we’ve launched a Public Sector Sub-Community (MNGOV-TCBAF), and identified this area of our website to share information and progress as the distinct work of that group as it advances.  We are happy to support the interest and energy dedicated to growing the business architecture discipline and practice within state agencies, counties, and cities across the region.  There are many commonalities across all sectors and organization-types, but we acknowledge and respect the process of identification and definition of distinct language and characteristics of governmental entities. 

To connect with members of this community of practice contact either or

We have a well established Community of Practice in Minnesota where several state, local and county government employees are already participating, and we are pleased to provide the framework and means to help a government-focused group operating as a sort of permanent special interest group within our larger organization. The TCBAF is an inclusive community of practice, and we are eager to ensure and grow public sector participation. 

The opportunities for MN government agencies and local entities when they become involved with the TCBAF include:

  • Access to cross-sector information sharing and resources for learning
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Networking across our 2000 member community
  • Case studies in applying and envisioning the practice of Business Architecture
  • Participate with professional peers in community meetings and our annual Summit
  • Share wins and lessons learned
  • Access to information on tools being used for Business Architecture
  • Share information on helpful resources
  • Bring consistencies to our practices and tools
MNGov Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.