About Us

Business architecture is a growing discipline around the world; its practitioners help to ensure that the alignment of capabilities and enablers within all types of organizations is optimized to deliver value to consumers, customers, and constituents in the most effective, efficient, and nimble manner.

Founded in 2010, the Twin Cities Business Architecture Forum (TCBAF) is a Minnesota-based organization dedicated to the understanding and advancement of the role and professional practice of business architecture. We exists to promote common definitions and standards, share ideas, and connect like-minded professionals with networking through meetings, activities, presentations, and educational development opportunities at the local and regional level.

The twin cities metro area of Minneapolis and St Paul in Minnesota is a bright spot within the nation for business architecture. We are delighted to have broad awareness, understanding, and adoption of this important discipline locally–expanding nationally and globally–and we believe it strengthens business communities and organizations overall. We are recognized as the largest organized business architecture Community of Practice worldwide, with several thousand members participating in our Community discussions and meetings.  

Our Mission

The Twin Cities Business Architecture Forum is dedicated to education, collegiality, and support for the understanding and advancement of the role and organizational benefits of the fundamentals offered through the practice of Business Architecture.


Promoting the Effective Use of Common Definitions, Standards, & Resources

Facilitating Opportunities to Share Ideas & Build Professional Relationships

Sponsoring Education Sessions & Networking Meeting to Help Connect Like-Minded People

Community Sponsors

Founding sponsors of the TCBAF include  Cargill, Express Scripts, Medtronic, and Prime Therapeutics and we’re supported by a number of education and tool partners.  It’s through the non-financial contributions and support of these corporations that we are able to continue to offer no-fee membership in our professional community, and we are grateful.