Past Community Meeting Presentations

  • September 2023 Community Meeting: Coming Soon
  • July 2023 Community Meeting: Coming Soon
  • May 2023 Community Meeting: Coming Soon
  • April 2023 Community Meeting: “Business Architecture: A Pulse on Our Progression” TCBAF Community Meeting Bus Arch Pulse
  • February 2023 Community Meeting: “Strategy Mapping Fundamentals” 
  • October 2022 Community Meeting: “Product-Centric operating models”
  • August 2022 Community Meeting: “Women In Architecture”
  • June 2022 Community Meeting: “Business Architecture Community of Practice at Cargill” 
  • April 2022 Community Meeting: “The Strategy Journey; our TCBAF Community members will share what we’ve been learning in our Book Study discussions.” 
  • October 2021 Community Meeting: “Business Architecture: Strategy Execution’s Secret Weapon”
  • August 2021 Community Meeting: “Essential Architectural Modeling: A minimalist approach to a complete, correct, and consistent path from idea to solution.” 
  • June 2021 Community Meeting: “Envisioning Change” 
  • April 2021 Community Meeting: “Should (business) architecture play a role in innovation and a start up organization?” 
  • February 2021 Community Meeting: “Jobs to be Done: Learn how Business Architects leverage Professor Clayton Christianson’s popular product development theory, Jobs to be Done” TCBAF Community Meeting Jobs To Be Done
  • September 2020 Community Meeting: “Using Personas and Value Proposition to Define a Business Architecture Consulting Service”
  • July 2020 Community Meeting: “Realizing Value through Business Architecture – the Medtronic Journey”
  • May 2020 Community Meeting: “Linking Architecture Practices to Meet Market Demands” TCBAF Community Meeting at Prime
  • January 2020 Community Meeting: “Driving Product Value with Systematic Innovation”
  • September 2019 Community Meeting: “Using Business Architecture for Application Rationalization”
  • July Community Meeting:  “Design Thinking” hosted by Medtronic, July 16, 2019 TCBAF Community Meeting Medtronic HCD Crash Course
  • May Community Meeting: “Platform as a Business Model” hosted by Thrivent Financial, May 21, 2019  Platform as a Business Model
  • March Community Meeting: “How to Implement Vision” hosted at Prime Therapeutics, March 19, 2019  How to Implement Vision
  • January 2019 Community Meeting: “Value Mapping”  hosted at US Bank, January 22, 2019   Value Mapping
  • September 2018 Community Meeting: TCBAF SIG (Special Interest working Group) Presentation “Exploring the Strategy Toolkit: A Practitioner’s Guide” hosted by Target, September 18, 2018   TCBAF Strategy to Execution SIG vF
  • July 2018 Community Meeting:  “Business Architecture and IT Strategy” hosted by Medtronic – July 18, 2018 TCBAF Medtronic – 17Jul2018 (external)-compressed
  • May 2018 Community Meeting: “Business Architecture:  Adapting to Changing Environments” hosted by Thrivent Financial, May 15, 2018  Business Architecture Forum (1)   2018-05-15 TCBAF Community Meeting Notes  
  • March 2018 Community Meeting: “Business Architecture in a Product Centric Organization” hosted by Express Scripts, March 20, 2018
  • January 2018 Community Meeting: “Placeholder Title” hosted by Metropolitan State University, January 23, 2018
  • “Business Architecture: Dealing with Organizational Context” hosted by Thrivent Financial – May 20, 2014 (Invitation)
  • “Business Architecture: The True Life Story of Express Scripts‚ “Biggest Year Ever!” hosted by Express Scripts – March 18, 2014 (Surviving the perfect storm)
  • “Business Architecture: Undercover role or promising profession?” hosted by Metropolitan State University – January 21, 2014 ( Uncover role or promising profession)
  • “Modeling Your Company’s Business Capabilities” hosted by Cargill – November 16, 2010 (PresentationInvitation)
  • “Business Model Framework” hosted by Target – September 21, 2010 (PresentationInvitation)